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  • Ait ouaghrda

    Ait ouaghrda (20)

    Ait Ougharda carpet authentic and aesthetic in bright colors handmade by Berber women in Morocco. It represents an excellent expression of rural art, ideal and chic carpet brings a sunny and colorful touch for your living room.
  • Ait Ouaouzguit

    Ait Ouaouzguit (1)

    The Ait ouaouzghit area is known for it's urban style rugs and carpets. The Ait ouaouzghit berber tribe produce the textiles of color vibrants dyed wool, with the symmetrical compositions that reflect urban influence but save the style and design of the berber tribe. The motifs are generally based on geometrical shapes such as squares, diamonds and oblong, and it…
  • Akhnif

    Akhnif (1)

    Akhnif is a  Moroccan berber tribe that produce high quality and low priced handmade kilims by Moroccan Woman in the area of Tazenakht, high Atlas Mountains. Akhnif Kilims are widely used in Moroccan homes as a blankets, prayer carpet, or as rugs for hot seasons. Create a light flooring for your small areas in your home by adding the Akhnif…
  • Arabia

    Arabia (5)

    The term “Arabian carpets” refers to Arab Carpets, generally a heavy textile made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes and produced in “Oriental countries” for home use, local sale, and export. Oriental carpets can be pile woven or flat woven  without pile, using various materials such as silk, wool, and cotton. Examples range in size from pillow…
  • Azilal

    Azilal (27)

    Azilal rugs are know for it's vibrant colours and attractive designs. It's principal materials are wool and silk and the used weaving technique is alternating composed patterns of one single knotted line and one or two woven lines. Available in a range of styles, patterns, and sizes, The Azilal rugs are for every home style and size. Give your place…
  • Beni M'Rirt

    Beni M'Rirt (2)

    M'rirt is a town in Khénifra Province, it is popular by it's Berber carpets with a fine and silky wool, with its simple style and its impeccable quality of manufacture. Beni Mrirt is generally known for it's high density knots and  it's simplistic designs, Preferably for a Bedroom, Living room or lounge area. It's soothing and minimalist design bring a…
  • Beni Ouarain

    Beni Ouarain (15)

    The Beni Ouarain are best known for thick knotted pile carpets of undyed natural wool with soft off-white fields and black/brown geometric designs. They are also renowned for their exquisite women's capes and shawls.  

About Sindibad Rugs

For 3 decades of vintage / contemporary rugs and home furniture, we are proud to make more than 50,000 sales of rugs, carpets, kilims, blankets, poufs, cushions and other home furniture, available to our customers from all over the world.

The Sindibad Rugs started in 1992
Product we sold Rugs and Blankets, Poufs, Pillows
We sold vintage and contemporary furniture for every home
Our products are long lasting and the rugs are resistant to coldest seasons as well as for the kilims to hot seasons.
The products are 100% original, from the Weavers in Mountains of Atlas of Morocco or Urban weavers in Rabat and Mediouna to your hands. We do not tolerate fake products!
The dye used for the colours is 100% natural, produced from different natural herbs and leaves as pomegranate and dried figs for black; tea and henna for red…
The tissues are generally natural sheep wool, goat hair or cotton. no synthetic additions are added to the weaving process.

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